Artist Statement 

Let us join together in celebration of the beautiful natural world we have around us - the everchanging landscape that delights and nourishes our soul.

It fulfills a need in our human nature to connect with this natural world. I find a soothing space when interacting with trees, growth, light, mist, warmth, coolness, desolation, and abundance.  The intrinsic design of a plant leaf so full of variety and life; light shining and creating shadows into a space; or the current of water flowing and creating ripples and reflection are all complex but simply viewed causing us to respond.  The flow of pigment and ink on paper echoes a breath of cool morning mist or the caress of water against skin.

I take all of these things in and my work is my response to share.  Connecting the natural world with the inner spiritual world is the essence of my work.  It is the serenity of the place or a complexity of the moment which has been caught in my piece.  I like to embody the fullness of all the variety I’ve experienced and delighted in.  My desire is that through my work, each person can join me in a moment of peace, hope, and life.